Our Journey

It was few years ago, when I paid a visit to my homeland and this big journey started for us. We were looking to start an online business and Himalayan Salt Products ticked all the right boxes for our criteria of product selection. This journey started as a small family run business from a small room and a garage where our first shipment landed and we kept on operating successfully from here.

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UK Warehouse

It was a humble start from just an eBay platform with set of retail customers but soon after, based on our customer needs, we recognized the need of a wholesale channel therefore we established our first warehouse in Manchester, United Kingdom. This was proven another major milestone of our journey and emerged as a strong pillar to our business establishment.


To stand out in the market, we required to register our own trademark. Therefore we are currently operating as a trademark – Natural Krafts – across the European markets and also registered with this name in all the Amazon Brand registries globally.

Processing Facility

AS our journey went on and we faced number of supply chain and quality issues because of the third party suppliers. We have suffered serious loses in the shipments due to these problems and decided to establish our own inhouse facility to manufacture and process the salt products under our own supervision. It was not an easy one and took us another 4 years to establish this unit. In 2020, we processed and shipped our first consignment from this unit. This has massively improved our business processes and put us on the right track of improvement. its still ongoing and miles to chase with rapid growth of e-commerce and social media industry.

The journey is still on going and we have taken few baby steps so far but we are carefully looking to establish strong foundations and deep footprints in the market that will help us to go long way. We are open to suggestions and would like our customers to be part of our journey to make it a bigger success for all of us. We are gradually moving on the other e-commerce channels and different marketplaces across the globe and it will not be possible without the support of our prestige customers and we consider them key stakeholder as part of our journey.

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