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Himalayan lick salt stones are hand crafted blocks made from the natural pink salt. Licks contains 84 various minerals, essential for your livestock.

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Horse salt Lick is a block of pure Himalayan salt. Horse salt lick contains a piece of rope inside, so the block can hang easily. Himalayan salt is extracted from Himalayan salt ranges at Khewra, Pakistan. Himalayan salt is a natural source of essential minerals, therefore our horse salt lick contains 84 natural minerals. These minerals are essential for the health of your pets including horse and other livestock. Our horse salt lick stones are 100% pure because we do not do add any artificial ingredients. 

Our horse salt licks are carefully handcrafted. A team of skilled professionals having many years of experience do the handcrafting of these lick stones.  We encourage to take supreme quality salt crystals, so the licks are enrich with minerals and it provides natural minerals to your pet.

We make sure high quality thick rope is used to hang the licks easily. This is important for outdoors weather conditions, so it can carry the weight of the block. Horse Salt lick is sealed in an air-tight cellophane wrap because it is important to preserve its natural characteristics. 

Using a Himalayan horse salt lick can help ensure that horses receive adequate mineral supplementation, which may be particularly important in regions where the soil is deficient in certain minerals. However, it’s essential to monitor the horse’s intake and provide fresh water to prevent excessive salt consumption.

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Why Buy From Us

  • 100% pure salt, sourced from the foothills of Himalaya
  • 84 essential minerals for your livestock
  • No fuss, money back guarantee
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Secure payments buy with full confidence

Important Information

  • Salt products are sold by weight measure not by the height or any other measurement.
  • Pure Salt products comes in various shades of Pale, Orange and Red depends on the colours of the natural rock stone.
  • Pure Himalayan salt should have natural veins and marks but our lamps are tested for the light quality.
  • Pure Himalayan salt is fragile in nature, Although crafting is done professionally but machine crafted items may have some uneven edges and marks due to this fragile characteristic of the salt.
  • All product images are provided for illustration purposes and the sent item may vary in shape and appearance.
  • If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, We offer money back warranty, see returns policies
  • Free delivery is only for UK Mainland, See our shop policies for payment, shipping and returns details

Benefits of Horse Lick

Our horse salt lick offers numerous health benefits, some of them are given below; 

  • As nature intended – the purest form of salt you can give to your horse, the pink colour of our salt licks indicates the high mineral content, our horse salt lick comes with 84 minerals those are essential for your horse health
  • No added flavours – the natural taste of our horse salt lick is one your horse will enjoy. We add no artificial colour or tasteful ingredients are added which could lead to greediness in your horse, completely gluten free. 
  • Durable – Our horse salt lick is extremely hard so your horse or pony will be unable to bite chunks off, which can happen with softer ‘pressed’ salt licks
  • Weather-resistant – the robust rain and weather-resistant nature of our Himalayan Salt Licks means they are ideal for use both in the field and in the stable. They come with strong rope that is ideal for outdoor weather conditions.
  • Improves Digestion – It produces digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas and harmonizes the acid-alkaline balance which helps indigestion.
  • PH Level – When your body has a healthy acid-to-alkaline ratio. It makes a huge difference in your overall health. Like it helps in good digestion and it supports the immunity system of a body.
  • Improves Dehydration Horses can lose significant amounts of salt through their sweat which, if not replenished, can cause an electrolyte imbalance, potentially leading to low blood pressure and even cardiovascular and neurological health issues. 
benefits of horse salt lick
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How to Feed Horse Salt Lick

Our horse salt lick comes with a rope that makes it very easy to hang in your horses stable or in the field, make sure they are at a height that your horse can easily access and enjoy them. Salt lick will make your horse thirsty, so make sure they have plenty of water available!

History of Salt Lick Mines

The Khewra Salt Mine is in Khewra, north of Pind Dadan Khan, Jhelum District, Pakistan. The Khewra Salt Mine is also known as Mayo Salt Mine, in honour of Lord Mayo, who visited it as Viceroy of India. The salt reserves at Khewra were discovered when Alexander the Great crossed the Jhelum region during his Indian campaign. The mine was discovered, however, not by Alexander, nor by his allies, but by his army’s horses, when they were found licking the stones.

The mine is famous for its production of pink Khewra salt, often marketed as Himalayan pink salt. Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation took over the mine in 1974, which still remains the largest source of salt in the country, producing more than 350,000 tons per annum and estimates of the reserves of salt in the mine vary from 82 million tons to 600 million tons.

history of salt lick
Alexander the Great
location of salt mines

Himalayan Salt Crafts

The Khewra mine comprises nineteen stories, of which eleven are below ground. From the entrance, the mine extends about 730 meters into the mountains, and the total length of its tunnels is about 25 mi. The 2ft wide Khewra Salt Mines Railway track laid during the British era is used to bring salt out of the mine in rail cars.

Khewra salt is Pakistan’s best known rock salt. It is used for cooking, as bath salt, as brine and as a raw material for many industries including a soda ash plant. Salt from Khewra mine is also used to make decorative items like lamps, vases, ashtrays and statues, which are exported to the United States, India and many European countries.

References from Wikipedia

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Natural Rock Salt.


Salt Lickstones




Rose Pink


Salt block with rope
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