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Himalayan rock salt licks are hand crafted blocks made from the natural pink salt. Licks contains 84 various minerals, essential for your livestock.

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Himalayan rock salt licks, comes with a convenient inside rope for easy hanging. Sourced from the Khewra salt ranges in Pakistan, it boasts 84 natural minerals vital for pet health. Crafted by skilled professionals with years of experience, therefore these horse salt lick stones ensure the well-being of your horses and livestock.

Encourage the use of supreme salt crystals for mineral enrichment. Employ high-quality thick rope for easy hanging, crucial for outdoor conditions. We seal the himalayan rock salt licks in air-tight cellophane to preserve its natural characteristics.

Utilizing a Himalayan rock salt licks ensures adequate mineral supplementation, crucial in regions with deficient soil minerals. but monitor intake and provide fresh water to prevent excessive salt consumption.

Himalayan rock salt licks come in two types, Natural and Compressed licks.

A Natural Himalayan Salt Lick is crafted from salt crystals mined directly from the Himalayan mountains. It remains unprocessed, retaining its natural mineral content, known for various minerals and trace elements, lending it a distinctive pink color. Because it’s less processed, natural salt licks may be more susceptible to weathering and erosion, especially in humid or wet conditions.

Through compression, the Compressed Salt Lick gains enhanced durability, therefore making it more resistant to breakage and weathering particularly advantageous in outdoor settings. 

The compression process enhances the durability of the salt block, making it more resistant to breakage and weathering. This can be advantageous in outdoor settings.

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Why Buy From Us

  • 100% pure salt, sourced from the foothills of Himalaya
  • 84 essential minerals for your livestock
  • No fuss, money back guarantee
  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Secure payments buy with full confidence
  • Secure payments buy with full confidence
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Important Information

  • Salt products are sold by weight, not by height or any other measurement.
  • Himalayan salt products come in various shades—pale, orange, and red—reflecting the colors of the natural rock stone.
  • Rock Himalayan salt should exhibit natural veins and marks; however, our lamps undergo testing to ensure optimal light quality.
  • Pure Himalayan salt is naturally fragile. Despite professional crafting, machine-crafted items may display uneven edges and marks because of its inherent fragility.
  • Product images are for illustration purposes; the actual item sent may vary in shape and appearance.

Benefits of Horse Lick

Our horse salt lick offers numerous health benefits, some of them are given below; 

As nature intended – Provide your horse with nature’s purest salt—the pink color indicates high mineral content. Our salt lick contains 84 essential minerals. essential minerals crucial for the health of your horse.

No added flavours – Your horse will savor the natural taste of our salt lick. No artificial colors or tasteful additives; it’s gluten-free.

Durable – The hardness prevents your horse from biting off chunks, a risk with softer ‘pressed’ salt licks.

Weather-resistant – Our offered Himalayan Salt Licks are robust and weather-resistant, ideal for both field and stable use. Equipped with a strong rope, they withstand outdoor conditions.

Improves Digestion – Stimulating liver and pancreas, it harmonizes acid-alkaline balance, aiding digestion by boosting digestive fluid production.

PH Level – A balanced acid-to-alkaline ratio in your body profoundly impacts health, fostering good digestion and supporting the immune system.

Improves Dehydration – Horses lose salt through sweat, and failure to replenish it can cause electrolyte imbalance, leading to health issues.

Behavioral Benefits – Chewing on a salt lick offers animals a stimulating and satisfying activity, particularly vital for confined animals with limited opportunities for natural behaviors like grazing.

Natural Craving for Salt – Livestock, including horses, have a natural instinct to seek out salt. In the wild, animals may travel long distances to find salt deposits. Providing a salt lick allows them to satisfy this natural craving and ensures they get the necessary minerals.

benefits of horse salt lick
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How to Feed Horse Salt Lick

Horse salt licks are equipped with a hanging rope, our horse salt lick is easy to place in stables or fields. Hang it at a height so horse can reach for easy access. The salt lick may make your horse thirsty, so ensure ample water is available.

History of Salt Lick Mines

To the north of Pind Dadan Khan in the Jhelum District of Pakistan lies the Khewra Salt Mine, or Mayo Salt Mine, with captivating historical significance. Named in tribute to Lord Mayo’s visit during his Viceroyalty of India, the mine’s salt reserves trace back to Alexander the Great’s Indian campaign. Notably, the discovery wasn’t a result of Alexander’s exploration but an accidental revelation by his army’s horses. Licking the stones, the horses unveiled hidden salt deposits, it resulted in marking the inception of the mine’s significance.

In 1974, the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation acquired the Khewra Salt Mine, known for its production of distinctive pink salt, commonly marketed as Himalayan pink salt. The mine, a primary salt source in Pakistan, produces over 350,000 tons annually. Estimates highlight vast salt reserves, ranging from 82 million to an astonishing 600 million tons, emphasizing the enduring value of this remarkable geological resource.

history of salt lick
Alexander the Great
location of salt mines

Himalayan Salt Crafts

With a depth of 730 meters and nineteen stories, eleven below ground, the Khewra mine reveals an impressive underground expanse. Utilizing the 2ft wide Khewra Salt Mines Railway from the British era, the mine efficiently transports salt in rail cars. This historical railway, crucial to mine operations, facilitates the distribution of Khewra salt across Pakistan for cooking, bath salt, brine, and industrial applications like soda ash.

Khewra salt, extracted from 25 miles of tunnels, is versatile therefore used for crafting lamps, vases, ashtrays, and statues. As a result they are in high demand in the United States, India, and Europe, highlighting its global significance in practical and artistic applications.

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